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How to be more resilient?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

In the face of the continuing health crisis, growing precariousness, the injunctions to adapt and cope are multiplying. But who really has the means to be resilient? And what does this much-publicized concept mean, individually and collectively?

Resilience is based on three axes: physical action, affection and reflection. The first two are natural tranquilizers. For physical action, one must move at least one hour a day, which helps to secrete endorphins, outside if possible and if not, by following videos on the internet for example.

Affection is another tranquilizer. The confinement linked to Covid is an opportunity to make a declaration of attachment to our loved ones, and to strengthen the bonds with our friends.

Finally, reflection: this can be meditation, spirituality if we are religious, reading, writing a diary that we can leave to our children, or even a novel! This inner dive allows us to find freedom, resources that will help us to be resilient.

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