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Covid-19 and Domestic Violence

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

According to data from UN Women published at the end of September 2020, the lockdowns introduced to curb the Covid-19 epidemic have increased complaints or calls to the authorities for domestic violence all over the world, with an increase of 30% in Cyprus, 33% in Singapore, 30% in France or even 25% in Argentina.

In Morocco, there are no official statistics on the increase of violence against women in the context of the COVID-19. The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) and the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women (ADFM) declared that, according to reports and information they have been gathering across the territory, a greater number of calls and testimonies from victims of violence against women was witnessed. According to both organisations, domestic violence has significantly increased during the lockdown period.

Globally, only one in eight countries has put in place measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on women and girls, according to UN Women. In Spain, victims have been able to report discreetly by giving the code "mask-19" in pharmacies, among the only signs that remain open in many countries.

In the long run, the consequences of the coronavirus on women's rights could be very serious. In July 2020, the United Nations warned that six months of health restrictions could lead to 31 million more cases of gender-based violence worldwide, 7 million more unwanted pregnancies, and jeopardize the fight against female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

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