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Advocacy is important because not only does it help make the world a better place, it also fosters respect for issues that concern the world today.

International Conferences

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ICFP 2022, Thailand


Fora's Global Summit 2022, Canada


ACSHR 2022, Sierra Leone

Digital Advocacy

When Concealed Narratives won the Global Feminist Pitch back in 2021, the challenge was to create a platform on social media channels to connect, show solidarity, and mobilize (with) other feminists. We decided then to develop this website and start an Instagram page to take up the specific challenges, contexts, and experiences of our own generation in the COVID-19 pandemic, integrate them into a global debate and make them visible – through podcasts, videos, blogs, or other forms of content on social media channels. Today we still use digital advocacy to galvanize supporters to take action so make sure you follow us on social media to join us in this exciting journey!

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