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Current Projects and Youth Partnerships

Making a Difference

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We Trust Youth

As a youth partner, Concealed Narratives is helping We Trust Youth to challenge and support youth-focused donors and NGOs to partner and fund young people more intentionally and equitably.

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AYSRH Global Program of Action

As a Global Program of Action Youth Coalition member, Concealed Narratives will help bring youth voices together to outline a new vision for AYSRH and set out 2030 goals, priorities, and recommended policy actions, showing unity in the expression of young people's SRHR needs and values across the world. The AYSRH Global Program of Action will be launched at the 2022 ICFP in Pattaya City, Thailand.


Womentum Project

The WOMENTUM project works to reinforce the efforts of feminist entities in the MENA region by providing them with technical and capacity-building support. Using its solution-oriented and inclusive approach, the project aims at significantly strengthening young grassroots movements and established NGOs working for social, economic, and political equality for all genders.